Where can you find the greatest Greek homes for "yachties"?

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There is no better place to sail, whether you plan to buy a home in Greece or take up sailing in your retirement. But which islands have the finest selection of houses with water access at a variety of pricing points? We've selected five of our favourites.




Lefkada is an Ionian island and a perfect 'basecamp' for that bucket-list Greek island-hopping adventure, with Ithaca and Kefalonia both within easy reach. The island is frequently referred to as the "Caribbean of Greece" because of its stunning beauty and reputation for its lush green environment, white sand beaches, and clear seas.


After a day on the water, dock in Lefkas Marina and tour the island's colourful cities and villages, get a bite to eat at one of the numerous restaurants, or explore the natural treasures found inland, such as the Dimosari waterfalls. Apartments on the island start at approximately €100,000, and villas start at around €250,000.




Crete, Greece's largest island and one of the most popular with international buyers, is well-deserving of a spot in our top five. If the friendly locals and impressive historical sites aren't enough to entice you, the secret coves and hidden beaches might. Look for moorings in Sitia Marina, Heraklion Marina, Kissamos Marina, and the Port of Chania. These secluded coastal spots are ideal for reaching by boat, allowing you to escape the crowds and fully appreciate the island's beauty.


Crete is split into four regions: Heraklion, Chania, Rethymnon, and Lasithi. Property prices differ by area. Prices in Heraklion range from €50,000 for a cozy apartment to over €3 million for a luxurious mansion. For instance, two-bedroom villas in Rethymnon range in price from €100,000 to €150,000.




Mykonos is certainly appealing, with its gorgeous whitewashed buildings, cosmopolitan ambience, and bustling nightlife. Mykonos offers a multitude of beaches and sailing routes for yachts. Popular itineraries include visits to the deserted islands of Rhenia and Delos, where you may swim and dive in the glistening bays.


Mykonos is, predictably, one of the most costly Greek islands. Mykonos gained an elite and glamorous image after Queen Frederique of Greece proclaimed her admiration for the island following a voyage across the Cyclades in 1954 and has drawn royals and A-listers ever since.


Prices in Mykonos are truly out of this world, but for those on a tighter budget, homes with sea views start at approximately €400,000.




Corfu, another Ionian island, is greener and lusher than its island neighbours. The island's various scenic sailing routes would take you through soft sandy beaches and lovely fishing towns, with lots of opportunities to stop and swim in the quiet, crystalline seas.


The island would make an excellent year-round residence as well as a fantastic summer sailing destination. In the summer, spend your days sailing, and in the winter, spend your time wandering through the ancient Old Town admiring the architecture, visiting museums, relaxing in parks, or enjoying a coffee by the harbour.


Although prices vary, on average, property in Corfu is less expensive than on some of the other islands we've listed. Village homes and detached houses in need of repair may be found for as cheap as €30,000 if you're prepared to put in the work. On the other hand, €100,000-€150,000 would get you a ready-to-move-in two-bedroom house or apartment with rural views. Remember that Corfu is only three or four miles wide in some places, so even if you bought farther inland, you would never be too far from the shore.




Santorini is truly breathtaking, with its romance, sunsets, and blue-domed whitewashed houses. Apart from its natural beauty, Santorini also provides sailors with a unique and interesting landscape to explore.


A large volcanic eruption formed the island, leaving black pebbled beaches, rugged scenery, and several hot springs. There's also the well-known Red Beach, with its bright red sand and rockface.


Property in Mykonos can be expensive, but a home in Santorini offers a fantastic opportunity to earn a premium from rentals. In Pyrgos, one of the larger villages, a two-bedroom terraced house would cost around €400,000, with larger villas costing upwards of €800,000.


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