Portugal's most expat-friendly areas

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While the great bulk of Portugal keeps all of its Continental and Iberian beauty, there are particular areas that the world community has adopted. Where English is commonly spoken, and you can always find a fellow ex-pat to spend the time with – or perhaps even play a game of golf with. Here are our recommendations on where to buy.




Vilamoura may not be the most traditional town in Portugal, but it is excellent for people seeking a lively and welcoming foreign community. Vilamoura is extremely well supplied in terms of facilities, entertainment, and beaches, which is why it is so popular with foreign purchasers.


With dazzling boats and beachfront cafés and restaurants, the glamorous marina is the town's centre point. During peak season, don't be shocked if you run across any actual A-listers.


Vilamoura is also ideal for individuals seeking a healthy and active lifestyle. Because it is such a contemporary city, it offers great cycling and pedestrian paths. Vilamoura also has some of the greatest golf courses in Portugal, and some would claim the world. The original course in the region, Vilamoura Old, is regarded as one of the greatest


One-bedroom apartments start at about €130,000, and two-bedroom condominium apartments start at around €225,000. Because of its glamorous reputation, there are some magnificent houses where the sky is the limit in price.




Cascais is a popular choice for people living near the city since it is easily accessible due to its proximity to Lisbon. Cascais is around 35 minutes by car from Lisbon and a little over an hour by rail (the ride is breathtaking! ), making it perfect for commuters and families.


Days and evenings out in the capital city are uncomplicated from Cascais, so this is an ideal location if you want to be close to the atmosphere and culture.


Cascais, formerly a quiet fishing village, is today a busy town with an upscale vibe. As you walk through the lovely old town with its trendy stores and alfresco eateries, you'll hear a lot of British and American accents.


Apartments in Cascais begin about €150,000. If you want a villa, you'll probably have to pay more than €400,000.





Lagos is a city with a lot of history and personality. A magnificent fortress, lovely churches, and a picturesque old town are all contained inside its 16th-century walls.


On top of that, the city has a stunning coastline and some of Portugal's greatest beaches, including the sweeping Meia Praia, which is sometimes windy and popular with surfers, and Praia de Dona Ana. This achingly lovely cove has been the subject of countless postcards.


Lagos is still a bustling city with plenty to see and do, including a popular daily market. Lagos attracts tourists from all over the world, including backpackers from Australia and surfers from the United States and Brits and other Europeans. So there is a diverse range of nationalities!


The city's transportation system is excellent, with direct trains to Faro and easy connections to Lisbon. It takes roughly an hour to go to the airport.


There is a true range of homes available, ranging from rustic townhouses in the centre of the city to contemporary flats with sea views. The latter would require a budget of approximately €185,000 or more, while comfortable townhouses may be found for less than €100,000.


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