Why do overseas buyers like Valencia

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Valencia, Spain's third-largest city, has a lot to offer international buyers. It is close to the beach, only two hours from the UK, and has a pleasant year-round climate.


Location and scenery


Valencia is located on Spain's eastern coast, near the mouth of the Turia River on the Mediterranean coast. As a result, the city has extensive sandy beaches and delightfully warm seas that may reach 26 degrees in the summer.


Valencia's location gives it an excellent base for seeing other cities in Spain; you can be in Barcelona in three hours and Madrid in an hour and a half. Ferries run regularly between the city and the Balearic Islands.


Valencia also has Europe's largest urban park. Turia Gardens is an 8-kilometre-long park that spans the whole city and was created on the former Turia river channel. The park was established after severe floods in 1957, which forced the river to reroute and the riverbeds to dry up. The park has facilities for almost every sport you can think of, and it is a significant centre for sports and social activities.


Famous purchasing locations


One of the most appealing aspects of Valencia to foreign purchasers is that it caters to all tastes. Retirees like the pleasant weather, healthy lifestyle, and low cost of living. Many retirees prefer Patacona or El-Cabanal because of their proximity to the ocean. Another popular neighbourhood is Port Saplaya, located just north of the city and is known as Valencia's "Little Venice." Consider Bétera, Lliria, or Olocau, which are communities situated in the foothills of the Calderona Mountains.


Many working entrepreneurs, notably 'digital expatriates' - individuals who work remotely and online (something many of us can identify to in the last year! ), travel to Valencia. The city is a popular choice for these folks because of the suburbs' fast Wi-Fi, laid-back lifestyle, and low rent.


El Carmen, Ruzafa, Benimaclet, El-Cabanyal, and Patraix are popular destinations for young professionals. Ruzafa is a hippie haven with fantastic pubs, eateries, and co-working facilities. Benimaclet has a wonderful sense of community and offers live music every night of the week.


Then some wish to visit the city over the holidays. Many vacation homeowners buy in the centre and rent out their properties as AirBnBs - purchasing in El Carmen, Ruzafa, or Canovas is the greatest option for visitor traffic. Alternatively, purchasing just outside the city in the Southern Valencia region brings you a whole new choice of houses, many of which will have additional room and a pool.


The Way of Life


Valencia is a sports fanatic. With a massive football stadium in the heart of the city, an immense urban park, and numerous cycling lanes, it is ideal for active ex-pats. However, it is not all go - the overall way of living is quite relaxed.


Another significant advantage of living in Valencia is the nice temperature. The city receives around 2,660 hours of sunlight each year, and because it is located near the sea, it does not become too hot; even in the summer, temperatures vary from 22 degrees to 30 degrees. The winters are often dry and pleasant. So much so that they remind me of British summers!


When it comes to culture, Valencia is unrivalled. The city retains a distinct "Spanish" flavour and is an excellent location for language study. There are also several pubs, restaurants, and cafés. And, of course, if you like Paella, Valencia has some of the greatest - after all, it is the origin of this famous Spanish cuisine! Valencia has everything, whether you want excellent dining or something a little different.




Valencia's cost of living is relatively low, especially for a Spanish city. According to Numbeo, purchasing an apartment in Valencia's city centre is around 86 percent less expensive than purchasing an apartment in Madrid. Utilities are also around 17% less expensive in Valencia.


The majority of properties in the city are apartments. For a little over €100,000, you may get two-bedroom flats in the fashionable El-Cabanyal neighbourhood. Larger, more contemporary apartments might cost more than €300,000.


However, if you are willing to go outside of the city, large homes with swimming pools may be found for a little over €300,000 in the towns of Bétera and Guadassuar. Lliria is even more affordable, with three-bedroom houses selling for between €100,000 and €160,000.


How to Get There


Valencia is quite accessible, with frequent, low-cost flights from the United Kingdom. Easyjet and Ryanair both fly into Valencia airport, with roundtrip tickets starting at £30. The flight time is around 2 hours and 20 minutes.


Alternatively, you may take the train from any of Spain's main cities. It takes two hours from Madrid and Alicante, and three hours from Barcelona.


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