Expats Visa and Residency permit in Turkey

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Below is some advice for expats looking to live or buy property in Turkey.  We have helped many of our clients acquire their Visa and residency permits over the years and the laws can change so it is always best to keep up to date with them.


Obtaining a Visa: This process has been made easier than ever with the launch of the new E-Visa system in April 2014.  You can now enter Turkey with your online Visa purchased prior to your Journey for only £13.  You can still get the traditional stamp on arrival visa at the airport until the end of this year costing £20. Last year over 74,000 British applied for the E-Visa which helped reduce the queue at the airport. You can also pay for E-Visa at the kiosks at the Airport.     


Turkey Resident Permits:   The permit has now moved to a new system that requires residents to apply for a new permit every year. Rather than have to do this at a police station there has now been foreigner units created in many different towns and cities across Turkey. If you are a first time applicant for a residency permit you can now obtain one from the Turkish embassy in your country. If you have lived in Turkey for 8 years or more you can now apply for a long term residence permit. Naturally conditions apply and the cost of the permit will be told to you at time of application. If you want to buy property in Turkey contact us today we can help you make the transition and deal with every aspect of finding you a property and advice and help to obtain your Visa and Residency permit.  

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