Guide to Selling Property in Croatia

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Croatian property is receiving allot in interest from wealthy overseas property investors. Foreign investors are investing in Croatia, because the country is today a member of the European Union.


Buying property in Croatia grants them residency permits in the country, as well as travel permits for the rest of the EU nations. The big advantage is that property in Croatia is really quite cheap compared to the alternatives in the rest of the EU.


Croatia is a fast developing economy, so foreign investors see a lot of potential here. Among the regions fetching the best prices in Croatia are Dubrovnik and Istria. Dubrovnik is a favorite with foreign investors because of the fast rising property prices here. The north western Croatian region of Istria is also quite popular among property buyers here, because of the scenic natural surroundings around here, which is why it is called the Tuscany of Croatia.


In fact, if your home in Croatia is anywhere along the Adriatic Coast, you will certainly get a good price for it. And housing prices in Croatia, which were dormant for a few years following the global housing crisis, have witnessed a strong comeback, which is good news for you, if you are looking to sell property in Croatia.



How to Sell Property in Croatia?


To sell property in Croatia, it is critical to hire the right real estate agent first, preferably one with extensive contacts in countries such as Russia and China, because much of the new interest in Croatian property comes from these countries.

You should keep in mind that the real estate agent will charge a commission of 2 to 3% of the purchase price. The VAT in Croatia is 23%

The other thing to remember while selling property in Croatia is to keep the property in a very good condition.  If possible, get the property evaluated by a real estate professional and ask for suggestions on the changes to be made, so that it fetches the best possible price.


Also, since you will be selling to foreign investors, possibly from China and Russia, it makes sense to post ads in Chinese and Russian property portals.

You should be flexible in the scheduling of your property showings, and make yourself available at odd times of the day. This is because foreign property investors are always in a hurry, and generally stay on in a country for a very short while, and may not be able to visit at what is considered as a “normal” time.


Don’t come across as desperate to sell property in Croatia, just be calm and professional. You will be asked for your reasons to part with the property, answer in the best way you can.


Do ensure that you do not have any pets in the house at the time the prospective property buyers are visiting. You wouldn’t want your dog to create a nuisance for your guests.


Finally, it will probably take a couple of months for the sale to happen. Be patient through the process, as this is often a matter of pure luck.


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