8 Property Shows on TV to Inspire House Hunting and Renovation

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We're all guilty of succumbing to the temptation to binge-watch property programs on television, whether they're based abroad or right here at home. Everything from international property hunting to flipping run-down properties has us hooked on the highs and lows and, of course, peeking behind closed doors. At Spot Blue, we frequently check in to other countries' property markets to get inspiration for our own home remodeling projects.


Regardless of whether we're talking about British or American shows, we have a tendency to give some a thumbs up and others a giant thumbs down. As an added bonus, even after a show has ended filming, viewers can still catch up on what they missed via services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, or YouTube. As a result, the programs listed below are excellent resources for getting new ideas for investing in real estate.


Location, Location, Location

This program will have its thirtieth birthday in 2020. Although COVID's filming was halted, its age demonstrates that it performed a good job engaging homebuyers in the United Kingdom. Phil and Kirstie are recognized for their sense of humour, which helps alleviate the stress of the home-buying process for many. Seasonal patterns, millionaire mansions, first-time homebuyers, and luxury are some of the topics covered in each 60-minute episode. To feature on the show, you must not be a part of a chain.


The Grand Designs Exhibition

Presenter Kevin McCloud follows innovative homeowners in their efforts to enhance their residences with a focus on spectacular projects. Residential construction, renovation, and restoration are their areas of expertise. For consideration, your project must be one of a kind in terms of setting, design, construction, or materials. You must also be the primary occupant. These include a massive sculpture in south Devon, a glass pavilion in West Sussex, a new house, and a plan to turn a marsh into a natural swimming pond.


Escape to the Country

There are many city people who want for a change of scenery and are drawn to this show since it helps them discover their perfect rural property. Buyers are introduced and their motivations for returning to the nation are discovered in each session. Then, the presenters select a few properties that suit their requirements and are within their price range.


 DIY SOS Show on TV

For a good laugh, who doesn't enjoy do-it-yourself projects? The show's presenter, Nick, enlists the support of family, friends, and local tradespeople to renovate homes around the United Kingdom. They made a huge effort to get behind programs for children in need, such as renovating a deserted area into a camp site. They are the place to go for trade suppliers and construction firms that want to become involved with charitable initiatives.


Place in the Sun Property Show

That old standby that offers a lot of Spanish, French, and Portuguese delicacies. This program aids anyone looking to relocate overseas or acquire a second house to enjoy during the summer months. Additionally, speakers provide fantastic insight into local real estate markets and destinations across the world, such as the Costa Blanca, Benidorm, and the Algarve. It's hard to stop watching this enticing show, which features everything from French cottages to luxury penthouses on the harbor.


Homes Under the Hammer

This show has a devoted following, and we're not the only ones. An average of 1.5 million people tune in to watch the BBC's refurbishment and auction show, which has been airing continuously since 2003. In each episode, a number of houses that need restoration and construction or a full-blown over hall are featured for auction. As part of the discussion of property valuations and predicted selling prices, the presenters also explain what upgrades are needed and then return to film the property once they are finished. In the majority of situations, anticipate to be amazed by the results.


Tiny House Nation

Taking inspiration from the growing popularity of small dwellings in the U.S., this episode was filmed on location there. For those who haven't heard of "small houses," they are a new trend that combines the benefits of downsizing with modern conveniences. Design and decor that saves on floor area are the end results. 500 square feet, or 46 square meters, is the maximum size of a home in the United States. The expert series has been on Netflix for five seasons and the subject issues are really unique.


The Most Extraordinary Residences in the World

This Netflix series, which aired for three seasons but is still available, will change your perspective on international real estate. Described by Netflix, "Award-winning architect Piers Taylor and actress/property aficionado Caroline Quentin travel the world visiting delightfully unique homes." An Indian tea plantation and a family cabin in Norway are two examples of properties that have been included in the auction.


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