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Three of the four highest-scoring vacation spots were the subject of a recent reader poll conducted by a Greek consumer group.



Greenery aplenty. The Ionian Islands' largest and most diversified island, Kefalonia, with scorching summers and pleasant winters. With Nicholas Cage and Penelope Cruz as the lead actors, the 2001 blockbuster Captain Corelli's Mandolin helped to popularise it, especially among Sami people.


Life on the island revolves on the Mediterranean, with 150 miles of stunning coastline and over 50 beaches, including Myrtos Beach, the most renowned of which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With caverns, lakes and Mount Ainos, the national park is nirvana for trekkers who may stop for lunch in one of the numerous picturesque settlements.


Buyers of real estate have several choices over the island, but the southern and western areas, particularly the length from Skala to Lassi, provide the most variety and the most popular resorts for vacationers. Kourkoumelata, Kalligata, Lakithra, and Karavados are just a few of the charming traditional villages that may be found in the Livathos region farther inland.



There's no denying that Santorini and Mykonos have a lot to offer, but they're not necessarily the most popular destinations for vacations. According to WhichGreek ?'s Island study, this is what asked more than 1,300 individuals to rate 13 Greek islands based on their beaches, food and drink options (including wine and beer), lodging options, landscape, and cost.



The allure of Lefkada rests in its stunning landscape, breath-taking beaches, genuine towns, and a cluster of lovely islets, all connected to mainland Greece by a floating bridge. It was mostly ignored by its more well-known Ionian neighbours, Corfu and Kefalonia, which may have helped preserve it from becoming overrun by tourists. Aristotle Onassis had a summer hideaway on Skorpios, the islet of Skorpios, where Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Winston Churchill, aristocracy, and Jackie Onassis stayed throughout the years.


Agios Nikitas is the only resort on Lefkada' west coast. Its charming ancient town, quaint port, and variety of villas and apartments dotted over the surrounding hills. Throughout its steep and forested interior are tranquil settlements with lovely traditional tavernas, all of which are overshadowed by Mount Elati, which rises in the centre. Geni across the harbour provides a calmer option, although Nydri is the most popular resort with stunning views of the green waters of Skorpios and surrounding islets.



During the filming of the love musical, which starred Pierce Brosnan, Amanda Seyfried, and Meryl Streep, the streets near Skiathos' St Nikolaos bell were used as locations. The island of Skopelos, which sits just over the water, has also seen some airtime, but Skiathos has subsequently been rated the world's third most beautiful film location! The 2008 film Mamma Mia! helped make this western Aegean island, hitherto unknown to most Britons, well-known.


Compared to other Greek islands, the northernmost Sporades archipelago island gets colder in the fall and winter than the other islands in the archipelago. The island's lush interior is home to ancient remains and a monastic settlement, making it an excellent day trip from the shore. Pine-covered slopes with olive orchards and vineyards cover the island's northern part, which is still mostly undeveloped. Many tiny, low-density resorts may be found on the southern half of the island, known for its superb virgin beaches and crystal-clear waters.


Other beaches along the coast may be reached in a short drive from Skiathos Town, a sleepy fishing village with a picturesque peninsula known as the Bourtzi. Vassilis, Kolios, Platanias, Kanapitsa, Koukounaries, and Agia Paraskevi are just a few amazing beaches in the vicinity. If you want to buy or sell property in Greece contact us today

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