A Quick Guide to the Property Market in Croatia

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Are you considering selling property in Croatia?


This is actually a good time to be selling overseas property in Europe, keeping in mind the trade war between China and the United States. But what about Croatia?


Croatia is one country that has done reasonably well in recent years.  The property market there has got out of the housing crisis of 2008 and things are way back to being normal again.


One remembers how property prices were down by 25 to 50 percent in many areas of Croatia back in 2007. But things have changed since then. Real estate prices went up by 2.3% in 2017, and the growth trend has been maintained so far.


The Pula region experienced the fastest growth in property prices – up by 11% since last year. The city of Dubrovnik continues to be one of the most expensive places to live in Croatia, while properties in Osijek continue to be cheap.


There aren’t too many takers for properties in Rijeka, which many consider to be an overpriced property market. Crozilla, Opatija  and the coastal Zadar region continue to attract a lot of attention from foreign buyers.


The most popular place in Croatia to buy property continues to be the capital city of Zagreb.  Apartment prices are high in Zadar, Split, Pural and Zagreb – these are the places which are getting a lot of attention from foreign buyers.


  Another measure to control the market and investment is reciprocity basis that continues to affect purchasing activity of potential buyers from China, Turkey, Japan, Korea, Emirates, Kazakhstan and other countries. 


So who is buying in Croatia?


 Croatia gets a plenty of buyers from Russia, China, Scandinavia, the UK, Ireland and other European nations such as Austria, Slovenia and Germany. There is also a lot of interest from high net worth Swiss, Italian, Polish and Czech buyers in properties in Croatia.


If you are selling property in Croatia, these are the buyers you should focus on. They are likely to give you the best possible price for your property for sale in the country. Swiss and Austrian buyers, in particular, are hugely interested in high-end properties or luxury properties such as villas and cottages and apartments.


The Croatian Diaspora


Croatia has a large diaspora settled in Australia, the UK and the United States. Many of them have done well in their adopted countries and become naturalized Australian, British and American citizens.


They immigrated to these countries in search of better economic opportunities. Now that they are reasonably wealthy, they want to have a foothold in their home country.


That’s why we see a number of Australians, Americans and Brits of Croatian origin who are buying property in Croatia.


Croatia as an Overseas Property Hotspot


 Croatia is a very beautiful country, but not a lot of people really know about it. The Croatian coastline, for example, is just as spectacular as that in Majorca, Spain. 


As more and more foreign tourists visit Croatia and find out what it has to offer, we expect the property market here to shoot up. This is good news for those interested in selling overseas property in Croatia.


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