The French real estate market is more lucrative than the financial markets.

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Do you want to sell your home in France quickly? The country's real estate market has outpaced the Paris stock exchange by a wide margin. That's fantastic; you'll find many people interested in buying real estate in France.


Indeed, real estate values in France have risen by an astounding 400 percent on average during the previous 20 years. In the centre areas, they have risen by an even greater margin.


In comparison, the Paris stock exchange has only increased by 90%. Given that inflation has risen by 30% over this time, we believe that investing in real estate is an excellent deal.


It may be claimed that the gentrification of Paris and other cities have led to an enormous spike in real estate prices. Prices in Paris's 16th neighbourhood have increased greatly in the previous decade.


Brexit's Impact on the French Real Estate Market


If you have a home for sale in France, you may be curious about the impact of Brexit on the French real estate market. We can tell you that many foreign firms are relocating to Paris from London due to Brexit.


Despite Britain's decision to leave the European Union, France has embraced the EU under new President Emmanuel Macron. That has undoubtedly aided.


In a recent BBC interview, Macron revealed why the UK chose Brexit, but France did not. "The middle classes and working classes in your nation concluded that the recent decades were not in their favour and that the changes made by both the EU and globalization... weren't in their favour," he added.


Macron has emerged as a pivotal player in European politics. Some even refer to him as the King of Europe. He wants France to remain in the EU but wants the European Union to grow stronger.


This has undoubtedly improved foreign property investors' perceptions of France. There is much interest in the property market here from affluent foreigners who intend to invest in London but are now looking for other possibilities due to Brexit.


Properties in the best districts of Paris are now cost the same as those in some of London's most expensive regions, such as Kensington and Chelsea. While the 6th District of Paris has an apartment price of 12,320 €/m2, Chelsea has 12,378 €/m2, and Kensington has £11,192/m2.


This is merely to give you an idea of how well the French property market is doing. The average apartment price in Paris is 9,875€/m2, which is still reasonable when compared to the average apartment price in Hong Kong (21,885€/m2), New York (10,933€/m2), and London (14,692€/m2).


This demonstrates that for individuals looking to buy property in France, several excellent alternatives are still available. All you have to do is know where to look.

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