Why is the Pays-de-la-Loire a fantastic place for families

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It's no secret that the Pays-de-la-Loire region of France is perfect for a holiday house or a permanent residence, thanks to its brilliant blend of gorgeous coastal areas, rolling countryside, and bustling cities. This region is located in western France and encompasses the southern parts of Brittany and Normandy, making it easily accessible from the Channel ports and Paris.


This region is ideal for individuals looking to purchase a vacation property for the entire family. We explain why it continues to draw property purchasers and vacationers year after year.


The ideal combination of shore and countryside


The Pays-de-la-Loire is divided into two coastal departments – Loire Atlantique and Vendée – and three interior departments – Mayenne, Sarthe, and Maine et Loire.


La Baule and Le Croisic, two of France's most historic beach resorts, are located in the Loire Atlantique. Le Croisic has a traditional character, with thriving fishing industry and five lovely sandy beaches, the most popular of which is Plage de Port-Lin.


There's also a snail farm and an aquarium to keep the youngsters entertained. Beach hopping, picturesque coastal hikes, and beach activities or water sports are all popular in La Baule.


With almost 160 kilometres of sandy beaches, great coastal resorts, and lovely towns and villages farther inland, you'll be spoiled for choice in the Vendée.


The Loire Valley is regarded as the "Garden of France", ideal for animal viewing in the surrounding environment. Head to the north of Sarthe for a day of walking and cycling along picturesque paths through the Alpes Mancelles, the Forest of Perseigne, and the Regional Natural Park of Normandie-Maine.


Very  historical


If you enjoy history, the Pays-de-la-Loire will not disappoint. The Loire Valley is home to several ancient villages as well as numerous châteaux. Saumur is a fantastic destination to visit with the family if you want to learn about the region's history. It has troglodyte houses, some of which have been converted into restaurants, pubs, and even residences. Several museums, notably the Museum of Toys, may also be found in the Château de Saumur buildings.


Theme parks of international renown


This region offers several fantastic theme parks that will keep the whole family entertained for a treat and a wonderful day out. Terra Botanica is a 37-acre botanical garden dedicated to the fascinating world of plants. Puy du Fou immerses you in French history and is France's most visited theme park after Disneyland Paris, having been named the finest in the world twice. There are also several additional theme parks and waterparks in the region.


Reasonable property prices


This region has always been popular with British purchasers and vacationers. Property prices in this area have risen in recent years due to its convenient location, gorgeous landscape, and variety of things to do and see.


As one might assume, homes in the Pays-de-la-coastal Loire's districts are usually more costly than inland. The Loire Atlantique is the most costly region, with an average price of 2,940€ / m2, followed by the Vendée at 1,980€ / m2. The three inland departments have extremely cheap property prices, with Mayenne average at 1,280€ / m2, Sarthe at 1,360€ / m2, and Maine et Loire at 1,710€ / m2.


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