Burj Khalifa and Other Famous Dubai Buildings

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You're in for a treat when you hear about some of Dubai's most iconic structures. When oil was found in the 1960s, Dubai started on a huge initiative to transform itself into a worldwide city. The outcome was a distinct architectural style and architecture found nowhere else. To show off their newfound affluence, some structures push the architectural limits by reaching as high as possible. its a great country for buying or selling overseas property in as prices hold their value.


Dubai's skyline is adorned with six of the world's highest skyscrapers, a testament to the city's inventiveness and expertise. Foreign real estate investors, keen to cash in on Dubai's distinguished position, join vacationers in the city. Now that we know what famous architecture looks like, let's take a closer look.


Some of Dubai's Most Notable Structures

The Burj Khalifa

The 160-story Burj Khalifa in Dubai's downtown area rises to a height of almost 2,500 feet, resembling a towering deity. To show off Dubai to the rest of the globe, the design was based on Islamic style. Saunas, swimming pools, gyms, and other unique amenities are available to residents of luxury apartments.

The breathtaking views of the surrounding environment and the Persian Gulf may be enjoyed throughout the long elevator ride to the observation deck. New Year's Eve features spectacular firework displays, in addition to the building's ability to draw in outside air and circulate it throughout the remainder of the structure. When Skidmore, Owings & Merrill was tasked with designing and building Dubai's 1,500-foot Burj Khalifa, it took 22 million man hours to complete.


2. The Spectacular Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai.

Because of its Fatimid architectural style, the white stone walls of the 45-year-old Jumeriah Mosque in Dubai seem lovely at sunset and against the backdrop of the city's stunningly clear skies. Two minarets rise from a stunning dome, which can hold up to 1200 worshipers, and they serve as a welcoming beacon for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, a previous ruler of the United Arab Emirates, gave the world-famous skyscraper in Dubai on the 500 dirhams note.


3. Burj Al Arab Resort Hotel and Complex is the third jumeirah mosque.

The building of this 321-meter tower in Dubai began in 1994 with the help of 2000 people. Located 280 meters off the coast of Dubai, the Burj Al Arab is accessible through a bridge from the mainland. Architects and designers from throughout the world collaborated on the project, which includes a royal suite with a library and a movie theater.

Atrium, dancing fountain, 24-carat gold décors, a 21,000 Swarovski crystal chandelier, and a stately hotel lobby are just some of the other impressive features. Rich and renowned people flock to this seven-star hotel because it stands 14 meters higher than the Eiffel Tower. However, considering the hotel's seven-star distinction, management is extremely cautious about who they allow in. Visit Kite or Jumeirah Beach to get stunning exterior images of this project. The world's most expensive drink is sold at the Burj Al Arab, and rich visitors arrive by helicopter to the roof's helipad.


4. Dubai World Trade Center

The DWTC Dubai World Trade Center, which was originally known as the Sheikh Rashid Tower, is featured on the AED 100 currency note. Dubai's tallest structure, the DWTC, stands close to Sheikh Zayed Road, yet it still has significant Middle Eastern significance. The DWTC, which covers 1.3 million square meters, has commercial stores, offices, and residential properties.


5. Dubai Marina's Cayan Tower

At 307 meters and 75 stories, the nine-year-old Cayan skyscraper stands out immediately for its twist-shaped architectural look. It's because the floors are 1.2 degrees apart that the building takes on a twist form. As a result, different architectural styles help shield a structure from the sun and strong winds. Cayan Tower is located in the Dubai marina, and its tenants enjoy a variety of amenities, including 24-hour concierge service. The architects were motivated by renewable energy while designing the Twisting and Infinity Towers. The architects behind the Burj Khalifa, which took 84 months to build, also worked on this project.


6. Palms of Atlantis

One of Dubai's most opulent vacation spots has Atlantis-style buildings with a few underwater chambers and Islamic elements. Atlantis Palm has 1500 rooms, a 65,000-animal species aquarium, celebrity-owned restaurants, and a waterpark, among other amenities. Approximately 10,000 people dwell on the man-made island, which cost $1. 5 billion to construct. The famed 10-meter-high sculpture and the 19-meter-high painted murals are only a few of the highlights of the space's architecture.


7. The Opera House in Dubai

Building the Dubai Opera House cost 330 million dollars and it opened in 2016 as a singular structure worthy of awe and appreciation. The 2000-seat structure was designed by the Atkins architectural team to serve not just as a performance hall but also as an exhibition area. These include Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Othello, and Phantom of the Opera. Visitors to the sky garden and rooftop restaurant enjoy the shape of a dhow in tribute to Dubai's nautical history.


8. Jumeirah Emirate Tower

The first work on Jumeirah Emirates Towers began in 1996, and the building was completed in 2000. With a mix of hotel and business space, the Sheikh Zayed Road skyscraper combines traditional Islamic design with cutting-edge modern elements. At 306 meters, one tower houses 400 luxurious hotel rooms. The other 355-meter-tall building includes 54 stories of business space. The Boulevard, a central platform, serves as a link between the two. The buildings were designed by Hazel Wong, the first female architect. The design has equilateral triangle forms, silver aluminum panels, and shiny silver glass.


9. Jumeirah Beach Hotel

At 341 feet tall, the Jumeriah beach hotel spans 275 meters and has 26 floors, making it one of the tallest hotels in the world. The wave is highlighted by blue-plated glass, and the architects are the same ones that worked on the Dubai Opera House.


10. Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Lucky for them, there are 33,000 meters of golden sand to enjoy. The hotel was closed for five months in 2018 for a major renovation, and the natural motif was further developed. This hotel building in Dubai has five swimming pools, ten bars and restaurants, and a waterpark.


A look at some of the best hotels in Dubai.

There are 14 elevators and 1600 hotel rooms and bars in these 355 meter-tall twin buildings were debuted in 2013. The Marriott Marquis' design was inspired by the Arabic emblem of date palms, according to Archgroup Consultants. The 68th-floor restaurant in the World's Tallest Hotel offers the best views of Business Bay. Other amenities include a swimming pool and a convenience store.


11. The Dubai Mall

When Dubai's entertainment, eating, and retail complex debuted in 2008, it welcomed 80 million visitors per year. Shops, restaurants, an aquarium and an indoor waterfall are just some of the amenities found in the mall's interior.


Emaar properties came up with the idea for Dubai's largest mall, which would occupy 5.9 million square feet. Make a day of it, because this isn't your normal mall, and the 80 million yearly visitors will rise as Dubai's popularity develops.


12. Tourist Attractions in Dubai

This 150-meter-tall structure, made of concrete, aluminum, glass, and steel, was completed in 2018. The 48-story skyscraper has a sky deck that tells the tale of Dubai's former history, offering views of both contemporary and ancient Dubai. Located in Zabeel Park, this popular tourist attraction is named because its resemblance to a picture frame and a window into Dubai's rich cultural history. Several tour operators in the area provide guided tours.


Dubai's most recognizable landmarks


13. The Princess Tower

The 414-meter Princess Tower and skyscraper, was opened in 2012, was formerly Dubai's highest structure. Nevertheless, this demonstrates the increasing tendency of architects to aim high. The dome and ornate mast, which took six years to build, represent a crown, hence the name Princess was coined. Princess Tower, Dubai's third-tallest structure, has penthouses, duplexes, and flats for sale, despite losing its Guinness World Record designation.

In addition to Dubai's Best Places to Invest in Real Estate: In addition to being a showcase for architectural talent, Dubai City is home to some very spectacular structures. Buying property in Dubai offers an unmatched quality of life for expats, and real estate investors seeking mid- to long-term returns are drawn here. Imagination of palm tree islands and world-class elegance comes to mind. Certain neighborhoods boasting high-end properties saw double-digit rise in the number of buyers, making them great places to invest.

A modest fishing hamlet in the Emirate of Dubai has become a global tourist attraction because to its extravagant skyscrapers and awe-inspiring architecture. When it comes to the real estate market in Dubai, there are a lot of foreign ex-pats and, in some parts of town, they make up as much as 85% of the population. Consider luxurious penthouses and elegant buildings with swimming pools and planted gardens, all nestled in beautiful natural surroundings with a year-round pleasant temperature. These neighborhoods in Dubai feature some of the city's most well-known structures.

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