Selling Property in Languedoc France to Overseas Investors

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For a more pleasant, laid back alternative to the Cote D’Azur, you can do worse than Languedoc. Many overseas investors are giving the ‘real south of France’ a serious look.



When you think of the Languedoc, the chances are the first thing that comes into your head involves vineyards. And while that’s true, this region is attracting attention from international buyers for all sorts of exciting reasons. Here are five great reasons why you should invest.



  1. The market

Like everywhere this region has experienced some tough times during the pandemic, but the underlying principles are still pretty good. Although property prices fell by 2.2% in Montpellier, the overall market is set for rebound. In all, French property prices rose for the 20th year in succession. Those areas which saw a small dip are ready to bounce back strongly and the Languedoc has every opportunity to do just that.



Part of the reason comes from the changing nature of the property market. The pandemic changed the way people think about property. Digital technology worked better than anyone imagined, propelling us at speed into a new era of remote working.


Workers in France and elsewhere are becoming more footloose and fancy free. Their ability to work remotely weakens their ties to the city. That goes doubly so for the many people forced to launch freelance careers after losing their jobs.


Furthermore the rigours of lockdown emphasized the value of space. Nobody wants to get locked down in a tiny flat again which means people are looking for areas with a bit more room to move. And if they come with a bit of sunshine into the bargain, so much the better.


  1. Location


Located to the south the Languedoc-Roussillon (to give it its full name) is an area dripping with history. Although it has now been incorporated into the much larger Occitanie region, it retains a very much distinct character and feel.


There are five different areas within the Languedoc: Gard, Herault, Aude and Pyrenees-Orientales and Lozère with each one adopting a subtly different take on life.


Four of them benefit from direct access to the beautiful Mediterranean coastlines offering miles of world class beaches. To the south you’ll find the Pyrenees and, eventually, the Spanish border. To the north it opens up onto the Massive Central. As such, it offers an incredible diversity of landscapes and countryside. Whether you’re looking for the towering peaks of the Pyrenees, the rolling vineyards of the Mediterranean Hills, the flat coastal plains or those gorgeous beaches their should be something to keep everyone happy.


As such, it boasts a diversity of landscapes, from long sweeping beaches and flat coastal plains, to rolling vineyards and rocky Mediterranean hills, not forgetting the towering Pyrenees and protected park areas of Cevennes and the Camargue. Montpellier is the principal city, but other important ones include Narbonne, Sète and Perpignan. Historical highlights include the fortified city of Carcassonne, the Roman city of Nîmes and Pont du Gard aqueduct, all UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


  1. Lifestyle


With great beaches, beautiful countryside and wonderful food and wine, Languedoc has plenty going for it, but this special bit of France also offers something a little bit different. People often call this the ‘real’ south of France. While the nearby Côte d’Azur is dripping in glamour and buzzing with tourists everything here feels a bit slower, more rustic and – well – French. You can find yourself enjoying a glass or two of wine in a village square, checking out some Roman ruins, or heading to a local vineyard for a spot of wine tasting. It’s a pleasant and diverse region, especially for someone looking for something a tiny bit off the beaten track.


  1. The property


In keeping with the wider ambience, Languedoc has become well known for so called ‘character homes’. These are places which come dripping with their own special personalities. Beautiful and distinctive they offer a perfect getaway.

At the same time, the region does have property of all kinds, from luxury villas to small city apartments. The homes of former wine growers can also make attractive residences for wealthy investors looking for something with character and style.

Overall, therefore, Languedoc has something for everyone: Sunshine, beaches, history, culture and gorgeous countryside. For any foreign investor looking for a perfect little slice of France, this is the place to go.



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