Who are purchasing properties in Spain?

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After all these years, the Brits are still in the lead. Although many experts and pundits have urged the British market to crash to prove their point, it has shown remarkable resiliency. In contrast to the doom and gloom brigade, I focused on the facts rather than speculation. There were just 816 fewer British purchasers in 2017 than in 2016. Foreign purchasers grew by 12,478 in the same period; therefore, the overall effect on the global market was zero.


Spain as a Country of Residence


Spain has an unbeatable way of life: it's laid-back and carefree, as well as secure and kid-friendly. The average life expectancy increased by ten years to 80 and 85 years for men and women, respectively. The life expectancy of Spaniards is the greatest in Europe and the second highest globally. Most people enjoy the weather. It varies from four seasons in the north to subtropical conditions in the south. Andalucia's Mediterranean beaches offer the finest winter temperatures on the continent, thanks to micro-climate zones. The Canary Islands aren't known as Europe's Caribbean for nothing. Spain has the most  Blue Flags globally, with 691 beaches and marinas. Since the program's inception in 1987, Spain has consistently ranked first.


There are exactly 47 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Spain, making it an ideal destination for cultural tourists. After Italy (54) and China (103), it is now the third-best performing country worldwide (53). Andaluca has the most internationally recognized sites in Spain, eight. In 2018, the Medina Azahara near Córdoba received UNESCO status.


According to Eurostat, food and drink costs are lower than the European Union average. The gastronomy of Spain is world-renowned. More than any other country, Spain has three restaurants in the top 10 of the world's best restaurants for the third consecutive year. There are seven in the top fifty, as well. Fans of sports and the great outdoors have plenty of options. Sporting activities range from golf to tennis, skiing, windsurfing, mountain biking, rock climbing, to fishing — the options are nearly endless. As a consequence, living in Spain has an incomparable standard of living! Our agents will assist you in securing a standard property that matches your taste.


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