What are the top five reasons for expatriating Britons

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According to official government figures, 200,000 British citizens purchase one-way tickets to other lands each year. In our list of the top five reasons why Brits are saying their final goodbyes to their motherland are:


The sun is rising!

The desire for an umbrella-free existence is unquestionably one of the most common motivations for moving overseas. Brits are fed up with long, dreary winters and unreliable summers, causing much discontent.


Second, The Rileys' Life

There are several advantages to purchasing property outside of the United Kingdom, such as access to large open landscapes and mountains or even a sandy beach right at your doorstep.


Infractions of the law

United Kingdom citizens aren't interested in reading the Daily Mail to learn that crime is a major turn-off. There has been an increase in Brits emigrating due to a rise in knife and gun violence.


the voice of money

According to industry analysts, UK finances are in shambles, with the economy on its knees. It is improbable that the economy will recover for several years. Many British expats have been enticed to relocate by the possibility of cheaper taxes and a more stable economy.


You're in charge of the universe

Brits are increasingly embracing this well-known maxim and taking the opportunity to explore more of the vast universe we inhabit. Why limit yourself to one nation throughout your lifetime? With the aid of Home Search Overseas, you may locate your dream home in Greece/Greek Islands or Cyprus.


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